Strength. Love and compassion. Patience. Kindness. Family and loyalty. Overcoming obstacles.



We believe that all Queens should live their best life to the highest potential! Our products are all natural and chemical free; Crafted to help you embrace and love the skin that you’re in.  Not only do we promote healthy skin we also encourage mental health. Help us build a community to uplift and enlighten each other!

 What is a Queen to you? 


Why Queen High Essentials?

We provide handcrafted all natural beauty and cosmetic products. Our company focus on the true healing benefits from organic flowers, herbs and butters. Our Holistic healing approach not only take in account of the skin conditions, but also mental health by incorporating our natural essential blends in all products.


About Me

Hey Queens! My name is Bianca, I am the CEO and owner of QUEEN HIGH ESSENTIALS LLC..

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